Ithaca Chess Academy offers a unique rpg system for improving your game.

Chess theory can be challenging and complex so why not make it fun? Ithaca Chess Academy lessons and workshops – while they certainly focus on traditional chess theory – teach classical chess concepts in new, fun and thematic ways inspired by mythology, fantasy novels and role playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons. At the Academy you will discover the power of Warriors, Rangers and Ninja Pawns! You will learn about Princesses and Generals, Fortresses and Outposts! Students also receive Spellbooks – diagrammed pdf booklet reviews in order to reinforce and retain the wonderful ideas contained in the lessons.

Time to Level Up!

During lessons and workshops with the Chess Wizard students can gain experience points and other rewards by completing interesting puzzles and challenges. These experience points unlock new levels and titles in the Academy! The levels and titles are. During your studies at the Academy you can advance through the following ranks:










Why Study Chess?

Chess is enormously rewarding pursuit! Not only is it just plain fun to play (especially speed chess!), it develops numerous mental skills and personal tools for all ages. Studies have shown repeatedly that the study of the game accelerates child development and promotes mental health in the elderly.

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